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Why 2019 Will Be Better For Your Art Business

2019 promises big things for those striving to create better opportunities for themselves. Welcome in the new year with an open mind about furthering your business in the sale of your art by taking the steps you need to succeed. Here are five reasons why 2019 you will be better for your art business 1)

How to Hang Large Wall Art – How to House – HGTV

If you’re anything like me, you love a large Francoise Nielly style art or oversized star wars canvas art, but you probably don’t love the stress that comes with hanging something this big and heavy. Well, fear not, friends. Today, I’m going to walk you through it. Step one to hang something heavy like this,

“Subjectivity is contagious”–Hadley+Maxwell

“Immersion” is the term I am using to describe the work of the artists showcased in this issue. It’s not a perfect moniker for the practices it’s meant to encompass, but it works. In the art of Vancouver-based Quebecois artist Samuel Roy-Bois, immersion is a literal quality derived from his frequent use of light in