The Most Expensive Paintings in History

The most expensive paintings in the world are not the most beautiful pieces. Rather, they are the most valuable. According to the Art Newspaper, the most expensive paintings were sold for more than the average British person will make in 1,403 years. While these paintings are mostly made by old masters, there are some modern

Small living room decorating ideas

Look for ideas of how you want your home to look after decorating it? First, you can let your kids to have some ideas about how to decorate a home. If your kids have an idea to decorate a home, it will help you a lot to understand it. Besides, your children will be able

Making Money from Canvas Art

You can easily make great cash by making an investment in hand painted canvas art. If you get a knack of picking out excellent canvas art and perhaps prosperous artists who seem to create it big in the future, then you really should make investments in artwork. You will find aspects that have an impact

Famous Painters and their Paintings

There were countless paintings are drawn on a daily basis however there are just a few that will produce perceptions in our spirit. The artists are so skilled that they can show the sensations of the whole world in one photo. The only point you have to do is to evaluate as well as really

Oil Paintings from China’s Leading Art Wholesaler

Art in Bulk is among the earliest top rated oil paintings studio across the world. Oil painting is our soul and life. We paint each oil painting using its unique meaning. We’ve been involved in the deal of cheap paintings for a very long time and now we have employed a lot of excellent painters,

Portrait Painting Cost

How Much Does A Portrait Painting Cost? A lot of people realize the significance of an entirely customized art work and portrait. They are aware of how priceless it is to give someone else or yourself a reward which will last not just a long time, but a lifetime and beyond. Whatever your reason for

Why 2019 Will Be Better For Your Art Business

2019 promises big things for those striving to create better opportunities for themselves. Welcome in the new year with an open mind about furthering your business in the sale of your art by taking the steps you need to succeed. Here are five reasons why 2019 you will be better for your art business 1)

How to Hang Large Wall Art – How to House – HGTV

If you’re anything like me, you love a large Francoise Nielly style art or oversized star wars canvas art, but you probably don’t love the stress that comes with hanging something this big and heavy. Well, fear not, friends. Today, I’m going to walk you through it. Step one to hang something heavy like this,

Who is the gardener then, you or the women donating their clothes?

I think they are the gardeners. The women hang up their underclothes. I am just the observer. I cannot produce the underwear myself. I am the person who explains the piece when viewers ask questions. Many people have come several times to see how the garden is growing. JD: Why is male underwear not included?

The Art Of Custom Painting Book

Snapshots are the among the best innovations of technology still; someplace inside of our heart, we are fond of the sketches. There’s so many busy guys and women all over the world who have become still involved to transform their very best photograph to piece of art. For anybody who is likewise one of those